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Mediation Brief Guidelines

Please submit mediation briefs as follows:
E-mail:  OR
Fax:  (714) 784-0031
Due Date:  No later than seven (7) calendar days before the mediation. 

Substantive Requirements:  The mediation brief should focus on the underlying facts and legal claims and be submitted with the case information form (Click Here To Submit Case Information Form), which provides us with information concerning how you would like to see the mediation process structured, the procedural history of your case, and any previous settlement discussions. 

More specifically, the mediation brief should describe the key facts of the case and provide a clear and concise legal analysis of the claims.  The brief should discuss the strengths of your case.  In addition, fully address what the other side may claim are the weaknesses of your case, and how you plan to respond to the other side’s claims.  If there are any key exhibits, such as an underlying contract, please include those with the brief.